Noodes offers a lot of features. See information on the Maingrid, you own structures, the customization of nodes, webforms and working as a team.

Create your own structures

The possibility to add any node to any other node allows you to create your own structures.

Feature define structures

Customize your nodes

You can customize predefined node types or create your very own node types just as you wish.

Feature Customize

Work on projects as a team

Add users to your project and allow them to view, modify or create new nodes. Each member can be assigned different roles to restrict their permissions.

Feature Team

See recent activities

The activity stream and dashboard only shows information for the currently selected node. Everything else will be hidden and won't distract you.

Activity Stream

Comment on every node

You can add comments to every node and others can follow through the activity stream on their dashboard.

Activity Stream

Generate reports

Search inside the currently selected node by using various filter options. E.g. only display high priority nodes or same level nodes.

Feature export reports

And even more features ...

Get notifications

Recive notifications every hour, day or month via email on recent activities from your team members.

Public webforms

Generate customizable public webforms and integrate them into your existing website.

Go Premium

Chose from on of your plans to extend your limits. The free plan offsers enough resources to use Noodes frequently.

Node type store

Browse the node “node type-store” for predefined node types.


Bookmark nodes for faster direct access.


See old versions of field contents.

Reponsive layout

Built for responsive screens. Same usage on all devices.

... and many more